Important Notice

•    Each kitchen client at The Kitchen at Camelot is an independent business, not an employee of The Kitchen at Camelot.

•    Kitchen clients are permitted by the Mobile County Health Department and maintain their own licensing compliance and insurance.

•    All food products are made by the individual kitchen clients and not by The Kitchen at Camelot.

•    The Kitchen at Camelot does not have any ownership or control over these businesses, and they do not represent The Kitchen at Camelot in any way except as an approved client to utilize the shared kitchen space to operate their own food business.

•    Customers are responsible for checking the menu, pricing, and availability directly with the individual kitchen clients as these may vary from what is posted on The Kitchen at Camelot's website or other platforms.

•    Any issues or concerns regarding a specific kitchen client should be addressed directly with that business.

•    The Kitchen at Camelot is not responsible for any transactions or interactions between customers and the individual kitchen clients and is not liable for any food-related issues or incidents that may occur as a result of consuming food from any of the individual kitchen clients.

•    The Kitchen at Camelot reserves the right to remove any kitchen client from its shared kitchen space at any time, without notice, if they fail to comply with licensing, health, or safety regulations or if their conduct is deemed inappropriate or disruptive.